Our Mission

Step inside OUR universe

This story began when we took a risk to try something new. It has evolved into a desire, a burning passion within to push our creative boundaries.

ÜP is a creative platform for music lovers and creatives alike. A place where we can grow together and chase life’s euphoric moments.

The journey will not always be smooth sailing but sometimes in life you just have to say f*ck it.

As the wise Lil Dicky once said,

“I just wanna do it my way
And turn the whole game sideways
And show people you ain’t gotta be resigned to the highway
You can make a path while these motherf*ckers drive straight”

Here we are, doing it our way.

Let’s Begin


Take a break from life

The day to day grind of life can easily become too much for one to handle. 

We enable people to cut loose, ditch their inhibitions and most importantly have a damn good time.

Our Core Values

At the heart of Up The Music there are three core values that we try and weave into not only our business dealings, but our daily lives.